Hey, I’ve taken the time to set up the blog part of this web site.

So, on September 10th I released Dead Gods, which is book 2 in the Land of Dreams series. The reception so far has been great – people love the book.

I am extremely happy with that. The book was ready to go about a week before the pre-order date, and I was tempted to release early so I was on pins and needles all last weekend. I am really proud of the book and I hope more people get to read it.

I’m working on Book 3: Refuge at the moment. I had stopped writing for about a month and now I’m cleaning up the 50k words that I have before I resume writing. I am hopeful to get the first draft done in the next few weeks, and then it has to get edited, a cover has to be made, etc. Hopefully it won’t take too long.