The last few days have been pretty productive. Today I clocked 10515 words on Refuge, bringing the (very rough) first draft up to 98178 words. That seems like a lot (Dead Gods is only 102k), but it’s not done yet. There’s at least two major scenes left to write plus a lot of “connective tissue.”

This is going to be a big one. I track my writing on a spreadsheet and part of that process involves projecting how big I think the book is going to be. Before today I’d projected it to 100k. Now I’m projecting (guessing really) around 125k. So at least another 5 productive days of writing to finish the first draft. The day job is continuing to interfere, but I am pushing myself.

The narrator I contracted to narrate Blood Eye sent me back the first fifteen minutes the other day. Being a picky bastard, I asked him to change something and do a retake. I want these audiobooks to be the best they can be.

I’ve got another potentially big deal in the works, but I can’t announce it yet. If it goes through, wow. Maybe you guys will see.