I’m working on a new book right now, part of a new series I plan to publish in 2019. I haven’t got a title or even a series name yet. I’m waiting for inspiration there.

The pitch, in (very) brief:

Our hero buys a house in a small town at a tax auction. In the process of demolition he discovers a hidden room. In that room he finds a gateway and accidentally activates it. It transports him to an abandoned space station, full of monsters. He nearly dies before the station AI Inducts him into the Galactic Union of species and gives him the universal Interface that all Union citizens use to interact with their world.

Now he has to clear the station and bring its systems back online before it fails for the last time.

End of pitch!

Now, I’m really terrible at off the cuff blurbs like that, so if that wasn’t so exciting I’m sorry. The book itself so far I’m really liking a lot. It’s science fiction and litrpg, but there’s no game. The game is just the real world for everyone in the galaxy except people on Fallow Worlds like Earth is.

I’m about 25,000 words into the book, and I’m hoping to have the first draft done by mid-late February.

Land of Dreams Update

Book 4 is in embryonic form. I’ve got some things worked out, but not all the details yet. I’ll be starting it once I’m done the first draft of this new book. Sorry for the delay, but this new book is bursting out of my skull and Deep Under needed some time to percolate.