Hey, a quick update on a couple of things. First, I’ve just got the second book of The Last Enclave series back from my editor. It’s called Redemption and after I hammer on it some more it’ll move on to the next stage in the publishing pipeline. Hopefully that won’t be that long. Jake and his new friends get out and about into Sol and even spend some time on an alien world.

The other thing going on is that I’ve started a new Gamelit serial on Royal Road. It’s called Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord. I’ll be releasing it a chapter at a time and trying to keep up with writing it. It’s very lightly edited before publishing, so if typos and missing words offend you it might not be your bag. I started it off with the first three chapters, and will most likely upload daily for a while.

Frank is on his way to his D&D game when he gets caught up in a meth head’s convenience store robbery.

While trying to escape he is shot in the back at close range and everything goes black. When he wakes up he’s not in a hospital or the afterlife—he’s in a different city entirely, one called San Tadeo.

Things are different in San Tadeo. Frank has a status sheet, and he can see people’s names and jobs just by looking at them (unless they’re walking in Shadow). Even more than in the real world, Cash Rules Everything.

The elevator pitch when I thought of this was gamelit but kind of like GTA. So that’s what this is. Our guy starts at the very bottom of the ladder and has to work his way up. The world is simpler than ours, no smartphones, no Internet or computers. It’s also a bit more complex, with the Karmic Mirror making things interesting. Give it a read, maybe you’ll like it.

I had this cover made up as a quick placeholder, I think it’s pretty eye catching.

Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord