Well, everything goes much slower than you’d like, but as of February 25th, I’ve got a new book out. It’s Inheritance, book one of a new sci-fi LitRPG series called The Last Enclave. This is my first book with Shadow Alley Press, a great publisher that specializes in LitRPG/Gamelit books. They’re great, and the books are great too. If you don’t know them, it’s James Hunter’s publishing company. He’s the man behind the Viridian Gate series.

As for the new series, I’m working on book 2, and it’s about 60% done. Things have been very slow the last year or so, as I now have two children. One is nearly three, and the other is 2 months old. That and the day job are taking most of my mental juice and writing time. That said, I expect to have a big chunk of free time soon and will be back to writing.

Check out the cover:


Pretty sweet, huh?

If you want to check it out, it’s in Kindle Unlimited. I’ve put the other three main books in the Land of Dreams series back in KU as well, as it seemed unfair to new readers to just have the one book in KU.

As for the Land of Dreams series:

I haven’t given up on these books. There are two more books that need to be written, and they will be. The life of a part time writer isn’t as predictable as I’d like. I will finish the series, it’s just a matter of breaking free the writing time.