Just a little earlier today I finished the last bits of my first draft of book 2, entitled “Redemption.”

It’s currently weighing in at about 95k words, but it’ll get a lot fatter as I need to go through and add all the screens, etc. Plus there’ll be details added so it’ll probably top 105-110k I’d guess. A pretty decent size for a book.

Now the hard work starts. I’ve got to do my first pass cleanup, make sure all the numbers are in place and correct, etc. That’s before handing it off to the beta readers and the editor who will have yet more changes for me.

If my unemployment and the plague continues, I expect I’ll be able to finish everything this month (April 2020). Then it’ll be up to Shadow Alley Press as to when it gets released, but it probably will be at least a month from now, if not longer. The realities of a publishing schedule.

If you still haven’t read Inheritance, you’re missing out. Give it a go. I think you’ll like it.