Greetings from my plague bunker!

So Inheritance has been out for just over a month and people like it. I’m currently at 54 reviews on Amazon, with ~4.5 stars on average. Thanks, you guys. I appreciate the love and the reviews.

One thing that’s been pretty consistent in the reviews is something like: “I can’t wait for book 2!” Thanks! Me too!

I’m about 75% done the first draft, and then after that I’ve got to do a bunch of editing, making sure all the numbers are correct, etc, etc. There’s a bit to go yet. The good/bad news there is that while I’m currently¬†not a full time writer, at the end of the month I will be unemployed and thus will become one again. So books 2 and 3 should come out fairly quickly, relatively speaking.

This is my first book/series with Shadow Alley Press and I credit them for a lot of the success of Inheritance. Sure, I wrote it, but no matter how good the book, it’s nothing unless I can get it in front of people and make them want to give it a chance. SAP did that. Thanks, folks over there.

That gets me to the second part of this somewhat rambling post. The pressure. It feels weird to even admit to this, but I’m feeling it. I like book 2 (still unnamed!), and other people do, but is it good¬†enough? Damn, I hope so. I’m going to bust my ass making it so. There’s nothing so disappointing as a sequel that doesn’t live up to the original. I’m going for Wrath of Khan instead of Matrix Reloaded.

We’ll see how I do at that. Book two’s got a lot more human characters, and the scope is wider. Jake sets foot on his first alien world, and gets around Sol on his own spaceship. There’s more, but I won’t spoil.

I go back to full time writing sometime next week. The audiobook for Inheritance is being planned right now at Shadow Alley Press and I hope it won’t take long. The audition I heard was killer.

Back to the grind. Wish me luck, friends, and stay healthy.