Book 3 of The Last Enclave

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Just a quick update. You might not be aware, but 2020 kind of sucked. That said, I've got a bit of good news. I finished the outline for book 3 on January 1st, and now I'm stuck in and writing. I'm tempted to post chapters on Royal Road, but haven't made a decision about that as [...]

Patreon shenanigans

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So, like all of the fashionable people I've got one of these now. As my friend, editor and awesome sci-fi author Brian Niemeier says, neo-patronage is going to be the new normal for us indie authors very soon. I'm trying to get ahead of that curve. I'm still pushing hard, trying to build enough of an [...]

Gamelit and LitRPGs problem with numbers and how to solve it

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Today I want to talk about something all of us love. Numbers. Well, maybe not numbers, per se. Let's call it Crunch. Stats. Progression. That magical ingredient that makes Gamelit and LitRPG so fascinating to me and—I assume since you are reading this—you. A few reviews have said my books aren't very crunchy. That's true, sort [...]

Inheritance and the pressure of book two

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Greetings from my plague bunker! So Inheritance has been out for just over a month and people like it. I'm currently at 54 reviews on Amazon, with ~4.5 stars on average. Thanks, you guys. I appreciate the love and the reviews. One thing that's been pretty consistent in the reviews is something like: "I can't wait [...]

New series in 2019

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I'm working on a new book right now, part of a new series I plan to publish in 2019. I haven't got a title or even a series name yet. I'm waiting for inspiration there. The pitch, in (very) brief: Our hero buys a house in a small town at a tax auction. In the process of demolition he [...]

Keep the Lights on and Write 8 Books 2019

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It's that time of year where some of us set goals. Mine this year might be pretty obvious now that you've read the title. In 2018 I wrote (and published) 4 books. The Land of Dreams books. That series isn't done yet, but I'm pretty proud of it. In 2019 I want to stretch. I know [...]

Refuge cover and update

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The cover illustration came back, and I got a brilliant typography artist to help me rebrand the covers. People told me they seemed like they were "young adult" and "twee." Lesson learned: Hire professionals! Refuge itself is now nearly in its final form. I need to send it off to the editor for a final proofread/correction which [...]

Refuge first pass edit complete!

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Just now I finished my first pass edit. You have no idea what a weight off my chest this is. Transcription as a way of generating a first draft is awesome—you generate the story so quickly. But then you have to go back and clean it up. And sometimes what it transcribes is so terribly wrong [...]

Refuge first draft completed!

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Yesterday I finished the first draft of Refuge. It was an epic push, 16000 words. The final word count is 128,000-ish. Now, that's a messy first draft. It's going to require quite a bit of cleanup, but the story is all there now. Next step is the grueling post-dictation cleanup phase, then first edit pass, beta [...]

Refuge progress and audiobook update

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The last few days have been pretty productive. Today I clocked 10515 words on Refuge, bringing the (very rough) first draft up to 98178 words. That seems like a lot (Dead Gods is only 102k), but it's not done yet. There's at least two major scenes left to write plus a lot of "connective tissue." This is [...]