Patreon shenanigans

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So, like all of the fashionable people I've got one of these now. As my friend, editor and awesome sci-fi author Brian Niemeier says, neo-patronage is going to be the new normal for us indie authors very soon. I'm trying to get ahead of that curve. I'm still pushing hard, trying to build enough of an [...]

I’ve got a new book out!

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Well, everything goes much slower than you'd like, but as of February 25th, I've got a new book out. It's Inheritance, book one of a new sci-fi LitRPG series called The Last Enclave. This is my first book with Shadow Alley Press, a great publisher that specializes in LitRPG/Gamelit books. They're great, and the books are [...]

New series in 2019

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I'm working on a new book right now, part of a new series I plan to publish in 2019. I haven't got a title or even a series name yet. I'm waiting for inspiration there. The pitch, in (very) brief: Our hero buys a house in a small town at a tax auction. In the process of demolition he [...]

Keep the Lights on and Write 8 Books 2019

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It's that time of year where some of us set goals. Mine this year might be pretty obvious now that you've read the title. In 2018 I wrote (and published) 4 books. The Land of Dreams books. That series isn't done yet, but I'm pretty proud of it. In 2019 I want to stretch. I know [...]

Pulling out of Kindle Unlimited

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My original plan before I published was to go wide and skip going into KU. At the time there was a lot of uncertainty because bots were reading pages and a few innocent KU authors got banned from Amazon. At the end of the day I decided to publish with KU and see what happened. Today [...]

Dead Gods is Out!

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Hey, I've taken the time to set up the blog part of this web site. So, on September 10th I released Dead Gods, which is book 2 in the Land of Dreams series. The reception so far has been great - people love the book. I am extremely happy with that. The book was ready [...]