A couple days ago I signed a narration contract for Book 1. The narrator I’ve chosen is a man named Roberto Scarlatto. He’s done a lot of work, but in the LitRPG genre he’s done the Accidental Thief series by Jamie Davis. I really liked his audition and I think he’ll do a great job.

The book is scheduled to be finished in Early November. If all goes well, Book 2 will follow shortly afterward.

I had an offer from an Audiobook publisher for the series, but decided to go independent for various reason.

Refuge Update

I am pushing myself hard to get the first draft of book 3 done this month. I set myself a deadline of October 10th which I will probably fail. I’m still doing the day job, and that plus the family is giving me plenty of excuses to be unproductive. I am going to write my butt off this weekend and hope for the best. I’m currently at 62k words in the first draft, but that gives me at least another 38k to go.